+ Christopher Willits | Opening

OPENING is a visual album created by Christopher Willits. It is a 45 min film, an album released on Ghostly International, a series of photo prints, and live performances. OPENING is best described as an experience, designed to inspire a space of peace and expansion. Willits’ music and photographic filmmaking overlap into a kind of abstract narrative speaking to personal transformation and connection to the earth. Willits will be performing the sounds and images of OPENING live in the US and Europe this fall while on tour with Tycho.

More info: christopherwillits.com/opening

Documentary Credits:
Director: Matt Notaro
Co-Director: Ayumi Ashley
Producer: Ayumi Ashley
Director of Photography: James Niebuhr
Production Sound: Joel White
Editor: Matt Notaro
Sound Mixer: Ryan Kleeman
Colorist: Ayumi Ashley
Assistant Editor: Dana Laman
Special Thanks: Heist Projects, Kontent Films, Satsuki Shibuya

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