April 25th Nike and the Minnesota Vikings unveiled the team’s new NFL Nike Elite 51 Uniform design for the 2013 NFL season – a completely integrated system of dress featuring a modern representation of Viking folklore merged with a deeply respected football culture.
Nike designers and the NFL worked closely with Vikings athletes, coaches and administration to understand what truly makes a Viking – researching the roots of traditional ancient culture and tying those insights to the powerful characteristics of the football team of today.

The environment in Minnesota also served as a foundation for the Vikings new design, reflecting a harsh yet beautiful combination of land, water and weather. Vikings – men of adventure, strength and exploration – built their ships and tools with a refined craftsmanship and ornamentation. Accordingly, the uniform design features strong simple lines that reflect the curves in the bow of a Viking ship. The same design lines are seen on ancient Viking horns which have also been given a new shiny accent atop a matte purple base color on the helmets.

“There’s a harshness to the environment in Minnesota and it really creates a strength within those who live here” said Chad Greenway. The new uniforms are simple and powerful and this design truly feels like us. I couldn’t be more proud to wear it this season.”
The Viking color palate stays true to tradition while featuring a refreshed brighter gold accent that allows the purple to stand out. The unique new numbers and font are reminiscent of early Vikings uniform designs but now feature curved serifs that reflect the bow of a Viking ship. The Vikings wordmark is proudly positioned on the front of the jersey.

Production Company: Heist Projects
Director: Jordan deBree
Editor: Matt Notaro

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