Part of the “Buckminster Fuller and the Bay Area” exhibition at SFMOMA, we worked with San Francisco–based documentary filmmaker Sam Green to create an installation based on his documentary commissioned by SFMOMA. The documentary is a look into several projects related to Fuller and the Bay Area by researching Fuller’s self-curated archive known as the Dymaxion Chronofile. The film was presented in the galleries on a wall sculpture designed by Obscura Digital, a local firm that creates custom installations for media presentations. Above is the first chapter of the series.

Exhibition dates: March 31 – July 29, 2012

The Bay Area has long attracted dreamers, progressives, nonconformists, and designers. Buckminster Fuller was all of these, and although he never lived in San Francisco, his ideas have spawned many local experiments in technology, design, and sustainability. The first to consider Fuller’s Bay Area legacy, this exhibition features some of his most iconic projects as represented in a print portfolio recently acquired by SFMOMA, Inventions: Twelve Around One. Along with Fuller inventions like the 4D House, Geodesic Dome, World Game, and Dymaxion car, the exhibition presents Bay Area endeavors — from Ant Farm’s 1972 domed Convention City proposal to a North Face tent, and from The Plastiki boat to One Laptop Per Child — inspired by Fuller’s radical idealism and his visionary designs informed by technology, ecology, and social responsibility.

Here is the end chapter:

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