+ Adobe Inspire Series – Ami Vitale


While working for publications like National Geographic, Time, and Newsweek, and for NGOs like UNICEF and Oxfam, photographer Ami Vitale has found herself shooting in some of the most beautiful, diverse, and dangerous places in the world. ……………………… Director: Dan Cowles Editing: Dana Laman & Matt Notaro Color: Ayumi Ashley Sound Design: Joel Raabe

+ Christopher Willits | Opening


OPENING is a visual album created by Christopher Willits. It is a 45 min film, an album released on Ghostly International, a series of photo prints, and live performances. OPENING is best described as an experience, designed to inspire a space of peace and expansion. Willits’ music and photographic filmmaking overlap into a kind of […]

+ Introducing: The New Creatives


Art directors are becoming animators. Print designers are becoming web designers. Illustrators are also photographers and editors who also shoot film. They are the New Creatives, and we are celebrating their work. ……………………… Production Company: MoleculeSF Directors: Maris Curran Editorial: Matt Notaro Color: Ayumi Ashley

+ Adobe Inspire Series – Bradley G. Munkowitz


A more or less self-taught designer, Bradley G. Munkowitz (his nom de digital)started out in interactive, first making a name for himself with leading-edge and award-winning Flash sites. Some of his early work, often flying under the GMUNK.COM banner, include cult favorites like Mandingo Immortal and Munksterbate, and G-MUNK was a well-known, edgy, and much-loved site in the early days of the […]

+ Pinterest – Introducing Guided Search


MoleculeSF worked with Pinterest to tell the story of their new Guided Search feature. The creative approach focused on everyday moments of inspiration which lead to delightful and unexpected experiences, guided by Pinterest. ……………………… Production Company: MoleculeSF Directors: Malcolm Pullinger & Mo Gorjestani Producer: Thorsten Hoppenworth Editorial: Ashley Rodholm & Matt Notaro VFX: Matt Notaro […]

+ Adobe CS6 Artist Series – Oleg Dou


Inspiring portraits of digital artists and designers from around the world. Part of a six-part series made for Adobe. The series launched with the next major release of their Creative Suite, CS6. Photographer Oleg Dou is celebrated internationally for his staggeringly unique vision. His focus on artistry and craft is transformative. ……………………… Producers: Maris Curran, […]

+ Olivari – “The Curve”


One of Five short films made as part of a year-long campaign for Olivari brand olive oil. As the campaign slogan reads “The Little Things are Everything” — this film follows Robert Darr, a talented Boat maker north of San Francisco as he “preserves his craft.” Agency: 215mccann Production Company: Strike Anywhere Director: Barry Jenkins […]



April 25th Nike and the Minnesota Vikings unveiled the team’s new NFL Nike Elite 51 Uniform design for the 2013 NFL season – a completely integrated system of dress featuring a modern representation of Viking folklore merged with a deeply respected football culture. Nike designers and the NFL worked closely with Vikings athletes, coaches and […]

+ Adobe Creative Voices – Ben Von Wong


Benjamin Von Wong is the embodiment of a new breed of creative. A self-taught photographer, Von Wong is open to all forms of expression, including video, social, or any other tool that suits his creative needs. He crowd-sources everything from crew to gear, and brings together professionals, friends, and fans alike to help him realize […]

+ Adobe CS6 Artist Series – Autofuss


Inspiring portraits of digital artists and designers from around the world. Part of a six-part series made for Adobe. The series launched with the next major release of their Creative Suite, CS6. With its stunning visual effects and groundbreaking stop-motion technology, Autofuss makes you believe anything is possible. ……………………… Producers: Maris Curran, Dan Cowles Production […]